4 years 🙂

Same place, same photographer, same models. 😁 Just older. And happier. 😍

A hilarious photo session

Or a funny one. To be honest, it was annoying but the result is so realistic. 😀 We go every year to a photo studio with our friends and 5kids. This is the mistake. It would be so easy without the kids. 😀 Taking photos about kids are never easy but taking photos of our…

A magical evening

We had to work yesterday (it was a working Saturday in return of 2nd of November). We went to see the “Pál utcai fiúk” to the theatre of Százhalombatta. It was genial. The actors were talented, the music was fantastic, I loved every single minute. After that, I run home, picked some clothes and went…

Barry M Shipwrecked palette

In London I wanted to buy the Emily wants palette from Revolution. I should have ordered it to a Superdrug 3 or 4 days before… But of course, I bought something. It was truly an impulse shopping, I didn’t know anything about this palette, just like the colors. I prefer the matte shades, but it’s…

The amazing London

We are at home. I want to go back!!! 🙂 It was a magical short break. 🙂 These are my photos taken by my DSLR.

Short break in London

We’ve arrived on Thursday, we are going to leave today, and now, I can’t sleep. It’s 5:18 GMT, so it’s very early. We’ve been here 6 years ago for 2 days when we saw some famous tourist attractions (many despite that short time) and now I wanted just to enjoy the atmosphere of the city….

I am an ENFP-T

A what? 🙂 On the PenPalworld site, I saw these acronyms in several profile texts, so I googled it. I found a personality test and it’s quite interesting because the result is mostly fit for me. So I am “Campaigner”, which means I am  Extraverted – 74%, Intuitive – 51%, Feeling – 65%, Prospecting – 72%,…

My style

I’ve decided that sometimes I’ll show some photos from my “portfolio”. 🙂 I was a very enthusiastic photographer a few years ago. Mostly I shot weddings but sometimes I had model shooting as well. She was my trainer:  


I don’t know what’s the difference between a stranger and someone who can be a good friend. Ok, maybe the common interests or the common period of life. There are some people I can’t do anything with and with others, I can talk for hours (or I can write several letters without getting bored or…

Some old photos from last year

I was just reading my old (and very private) blog and found these. We took them in the bathroom. 😁 The best source of light is the Sun through the bathroom’s window. 🙂 I should do something similar tomorrow.